We gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors, who support the post-production community and make these events possible.

They are:

Colorist Society is the first professional society devoted exclusively to furthering and honoring the professional achievements of the colorist community. It is not a labor union or a guild, but an educational and cultural resource. Membership is open to professional colorists, editor/colorists, DITs, telecine operators, color timers, finishers, restoration artists, and color scientists. CSI member applications are properly vetted regardless of credits or standing in the community. coloristsociety.com

iColorist, the International Colorist Academy provides a range of courses geared towards colorists and post-production facilities. All courses are delivered by independent colorists located around the world and range from basic color theory, digital intermediate, and film workflows, to telecine and lab grading, client interaction, and looks and styles. ICA courses cover a broad range of different manufacturers’ color grading systems and we offer many courses that are not system specific. icolorist.com

Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing that’s always a cut above. The leading editing software for creating videos. Trim, merge, and enhance videos with precision; add eye-catching transitions, effects, and titles; and create faster with text based editing.

Premiere Pro comes with powerful video colour correction and grading tools. Automatically balance your colours with AI, use professional colour wheels and curves controls to adjust all or part of a frame and check your results with built-in video scopes. adobe.com

Colorfront‘s popular, award-winning on-set dailies and transcoding systems are utilized by companies worldwide to process and deliver media for Hollywood blockbusters, high-end episodic TV and OTT internet entertainment. The company earned an Academy Award in 2010 for Lustre, Autodesk’s DI grading system, and a Primetime Engineering Emmy in 2012 for Colorfront On-Set Dailies. Colorfront is renowned for the innovation, excellence and performance of its camera-to-post products, which include On-Set Dailies, Express Dailies and Transkoder. colorfront.com

Dolby Vision® post-production tools and workflows give you everything you need to efficiently create HDR and SDR content that looks amazing. It also ensures that what you create in the color suite is consistent when experienced across HDR TVs, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, as well as legacy SDR devices. More and more studios are adopting Dolby Vision as the master deliverable and standard workflow for content creation. dolby.com/technologies/dolby-vision/

Flanders Scientific Inc. (FSI) supplies high-quality professional equipment and service to the film, broadcast, and post-production industries. In addition to our US headquarters, FSI operates a sales and service center in Belgium, providing direct service to customers throughout Europe. Flanders Scientific sells directly to end users worldwide and ships to over 140 different countries. FSI is proud to offer an ever-expanding lineup of award-winning color critical reference monitors and advanced color management devices. FlandersScientific.com.

Founded in 2016, Hedge’s flagship app, soon renamed OffShoot, was born out of the need to facilitate the offloading of media assets securely. It quickly became an industry leader, known for its speed, ease of use, and powerful features. With a focus on Dutch design principles, Hedge has expanded its product offerings to cover all aspects of the post-production workflow, from Offload & Ingest, Transcode & Prepare, Collaborate & Share, Check & Review to Archive & Backup. hedge.video

Kaurus offers a range of display options to a variety of markets, applications and budgets, supplying the creative, educational, museum, theatrical and medical / scientific environments with LED walls, projectors of all types and flat panel monitors of all sizes.
Some applications require colour accuracy whether it’s DCI P3 and HDR for theatrical presentations, Rec709 and HDR for TV or DICOM for the medical world. Kaurus can provide the service and/or the tools to achieve this. kaurus.com

MASV is the fastest and most reliable way to transfer large, time-critical video files. There’s no software to install, no limits on file size, and unbeatable transfer speeds. MASV has two main functions – you can send files to anyone, anywhere in the world or use MASV Portals so clients or partners can easily transfer files to you. It’s a remarkably easy and hassle-free process. massive.io

Portrait Displays provides color display solutions that combine the latest in color science with advanced display control. We ensure that color presents beautifully on screens of all sizes for global device manufacturers, content creators, and content distributors. Only Portrait Displays will uphold color quality every step of the way – from the creation of the first frame to the screen of any device. portrait.com

PVA (Professional Video Alliance) provides the most in-depth and comprehensive calibration training available today. PVA training workshops are based on years of expertise in the physics of video and psycho-visual perception. Proven facts, solid concepts and decades of expertise come together in their unique, top rate workshops. pva.tv

Socrates provides solutions for film and video production, post production, animation and Visual FX. The products, from leading brands and services, vary from a simple video converter, lens or workstation to the delivery of a turnkey editing suite, mobile live production studio or a central 1PB storage solution. Of course we train in use and provide support and maintenance.

Socrates has a software development team for custom audiovisual applications and has developed a range of audiovisual applications for the entertainment industry such as automatic photo systems for amusement parks, an on ride roller coaster video system and special FX chroma key solution. socrates.nl

Tangent Wave is a design house dedicated to providing quality solutions for the visual post-production industry worldwide. Tangent produces industry-leading control surfaces targeted primarily for use with applications, which incorporate color grading. Tangent products have also been integrated with many other solutions, ranging from editing and other post processes to control of camera and projector rigs. Tangent offers control surfaces that cover every budget from entry level Ripple to flagship Arc. With support from over 50 software applications, Tangent panels are arguably the most widely supported panel in the visual post production industry. tangentwave.co.uk